Kitchen Cutlery: A Knife for Every Task
At Rada Cutlery we understand that cooks need a wide variety of knives for different tasks they do in the kitchen. That is why we offer a knife for just about any kitchen cutting task you would need. Our smallest knife, that Granny Paring is great for peeling fruits and vegetables and our largest knife, the Ham Slicer is perfect slicing a ham and even watermelon.

We are confident you will find just the right kitchen knife from our wide selection of cutlery.

The Best Pineapple Knife
The Old Fashioned Butcher Knife has a long blade great for cutting larger fruits and vegetables, like pineapple. This kitchen knife makes the task of knowing how to cut a pineapple fast and easy. The Old Fashioned Butcher knife easily slices through the pineapple making it easy to remove the skin.

If you want to see how to cut a pineapple simply you can watch this video. Chef Jere will walk you through step by step on cutting up pineapple. After watching this video you will see why people refer to this kitchen knife as the pineapple knife.