Serrated Steak Knives vs. Non-Serrated Steak Knives
There is usually a lot of discussion surrounding the topic of serrated steak knives and non-serrated steak knives. Serrated Steak Knives allow you to easily cut through meats with a “sawing” action whereas non-serrated steak knives allow for a cleaner cut. At Rada Cutlery we offer a Serrated Steak Knife and a Utility/Steak Knife; which is non-serrated. They are both made from a high carbon stainless steel and both easily cut through meat. So when it comes down to choosing between serrated and non-serrated it is based on preference and whether or not you want a clean cut.

Utility/Steak Knife: Cuts More than Steak
The Utility/Steak Knife can be used for many tasks other than cutting meat. You can use this knife when preparing meals. This non-serrated stainless steel knife easily glides through fruits and vegetables, so it is a great choice when you have a small cutting tasks like slicing up a carrot or pepper.

One of the great recipes you can make with this kitchen knife is a pepper basket. This is the perfect snack for any party or gathering you are having, and your guests will appreciate the way it looks. You can find this easy to follow recipe along with many other delicious recipes and cooking tips on the Rada Cutlery Blog.