Forget the Grapefruit Spoon and use a Grapefruit Knife
Eating a grapefruit can be a frustrating task. When you use a grapefruit spoon you are left with a juicy mess. The Grapefruit Knife by Rada Cutlery is a simpler way to enjoy the fruit you love. Grapefruit Knives have double-sided serrated blades with angled tips. This allows you to cut out the fruit segments and easily separate them. This is a no mess, no fuss kitchen knife.

The Cheese Knife
The secret to easily and evenly slicing cheese is in the knife that you use. The Rada Cutlery Cheese Knife can slice through any type of cheese. The reason for this is the specially serrated blade for both soft and hard cheeses. There are also cutouts along the blade that helps reduce resistance—this is especially useful when you are slicing hard cheeses. The angled handle of this cheese knife also allows you to have the leverage and control you need.