The Best Paring Knives You Can Use
Rada Cutlery produces an assortment of high-quality paring knives in various shapes and sizes. Paring knives are known for the short blades making it the ideal knife for peeling fruits and vegetables. We manufacture six paring knives that are each ideally suited for different tasks. The blade sizes of our paring knives range from just over two inches to 4 3/8 inches, which means you have many options to find the best paring knife for you.

Another important factor in selecting a paring knife is the handle size – both the length and diameter – which can affect the level of comfort and control you as a cook have over the instrument. Rada paring knives are generally known for having smaller handle sizes, which is often noted by customers as an appealing feature. The Super Parer handle is the exception to this rule, as its handle is substantially larger than that of other Rada paring knives.

Although all of the Rada paring knives are versatile, some are best-suited to particular tasks. Here are the different kinds of Rada paring knives, with descriptions and suggestions for their ideal usage:

Granny Paring – The Granny Paring knife is the smallest knife we produce at Rada. Its small, reverse-curve blade (sometimes referred to as a bird’s beak blade) makes it perfect for tasks that require a degree of finesse, and is often used while holding the item being cut. It’s wonderful for tasks such as slicing smaller fruits, like strawberries.

Peeling Paring – This knife has a small blade which allows for a great degree of control, which is often used for items that are being held while cut. It is best-suited for peeling small or medium fruits and vegetables such as apples, or for detailed work with garnishes

Regular Paring – The best-selling knife Rada produces, this wildly popular paring knife features a 3 ¼ inch blade that is ideal for everyday uses, such as dicing an onion or trimming skin from a chicken breast.

Serrated Regular Paring – This paring knife was designed with a super-fine serration for chefs who like to cut in a saw-like manner. This serrated paring knife is perfect for cutting tougher foods such as asparagus, carrots, and rhubarb.

Heavy Duty Paring – This paring knife has a slightly longer handle that feels better to some cooks and provides more control when cutting. The Heavy Duty Paring Knife works great on larger fruits and vegetables such as cucumbers and potatoes.

Super Parer – The largest paring knife manufactured by Rada, this knife features a 4-inch plus blade, making it among the best-rounded of the paring knives. Its large handle size and blade mean that it is your go-to paring knife when you need to cut a large item like a whole chicken or do a large amount of cutting.

For more information on our paring knives, as well as a video introduction to the lineup, visit our blog.

All of our paring knives are proudly manufactured in Waverly, Iowa. Each is 100% made in the USA, from materials to workmanship. Each knife comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can purchase and use with the utmost confidence in the product.

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