Most Popular Rada Knives

Rada Cutlery has become a household name for its vast selection of superior kitchen knives at a remarkable value. Whatever the cooking task, Rada has a knife for it, from slicing and peeling vegetables to cutting bread. Whatever you might need for your kitchen, Rada certainly has the best knife for you.

Below is a listing of a number of our most popular knives in the various size selections and categories, which are among the best kitchen knives sold. Browse our selection and see what Rada Knives belong in your home!

Regular Paring – This is the best-selling knife Rada makes, and with good reason. Its 3 ¼” blade ensures unparalleled versatility, making it useful for everything from slicing an onion to skinning a piece of chicken.

Tomato Slicer – The second-most popular knife at Rada, this tomato knife is perhaps second-to-none in user satisfaction. It features a dual-serrated blade that easily cuts tomatoes and other foods without squishing. Try this one to become a Rada fan for life!

Vegetable Peeler – Our strength lies just not in cutlery, but in our unbeatable utensils. This handy tool makes it a snap to peel vegetables, fruits, and more, while its innovative design makes it suitable for left and right-handed cooks.

Knife Sharpener – Customers swear by the Rada Knife Sharpener, a device that helps you get the most out of our most popular knives! Forget about expensive or unwieldy sharpeners, as this one is small, easy to use, and affordable.

Serrated Steak – The Serrated Steak knife is the best steak knife you can find. Its serrated edges ensure that cutting even tough meat will be no problem. Use it both at the dinner table and the kitchen counter!

Slicer – One of Rada’s three original knives, the Slicer features a 7” blade that makes this your most valuable ally when cutting large foods. This slicer knife should be used to cut ham, turkey, roasts, or even watermelon!

10” Bread Knife – Our large bread knife will be your go-to tool for cutting bread of all kinds! The serrated blade cuts through even hard, crusty breads with no fuss.

Cook’s Knife – The Cook’s Knife is the knife for cooks who take their food seriously! Featuring a 6 ¼” blade, it’s a size that’s manageable for cooks of all skill levels while providing the size necessary for major cooking tasks, such dicing a large quantity of vegetables.

Cheese Knife – The Rada Cheese Knife is the absolute best cheese knife you can find. It sports an innovative design with serrated blades to cut both soft and hard cheeses, while the ridge gently separates cut cheese. It even has a forked end for serving, making this all you need for cheeses!

Fillet Knife w/leather scabbard – The Fillet Knife is a must-have fishing knife for casual and serious fishermen alike! The stainless steel blade effortlessly cuts into all kinds of fish, while also bending to allow easy cutting away of meat from bones.

All of our knives and utensils are proudly manufactured in the USA. They also come with a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can purchase and use with confidence!

Watch this video to hear employee interviews and see footage from the factory floor that will help you learn how the care and commitment we put into our products makes them so remarkable!