The Best Knife Sets Made by Rada Cutlery

For over 65 years, Rada Cutlery has been manufacturing superior-quality kitchen knives and utensils, all 100% made in the USA. Our products cover many of the possible tasks in the kitchen, from food preparation to cleanup to utensil maintenance, Rada has you covered.

We offer a wide range of our products in gift sets, encased in either an appealing box or a charming, practical oak block. These make the perfect gift for anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, weddings, and much more. Or, get one for yourself, as you deserve the highest quality cutlery and utensils available!

This page proudly displays some of the best and most popular cutlery gift sets – based on the purchases of our wonderful customers!

Paring Knives Galore Gift Set– The Paring Knives Galore Gift Set gives you not one but three of our wildly popular paring knives! Featuring our best-selling Regular Paring, the Peeling Paring, and the Heavy Duty Paring, you’ll have a paring knife for nearly any recipe!

Meal Prep Gift Set– One of our best gift sets for meal preparation, this versatile set includes the Granny Paring for cutting smaller foods, the Heavy Duty Paring and Super Parer for larger items, and the Vegetable Peeler for effortlessly removing skin from fruits and vegetables.

Peel, Pare, & Slice Gift Set – This set has our three most popular items. There’s the best-selling Regular Paring, the wildly popular Tomato Slicer, and the innovative Vegetable Peeler. It’s a great introduction to Rada’s remarkable products!

Cooking Essentials Gift Set– Peel and slice a wide array of foods with the contents of this great gift set. Included are the Heavy Duty Paring, Utility/Steak, and Tomato Slicer, a combination that will prove as useful on the kitchen counter as it does at the dinner table!

Housewarming Gift Set – A great way to welcome friends, family, and neighbors to a new home! Its Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, and Slicer are among the most used knives in the kitchen, and are certain to provide a warm welcome to the recipients.

Wedding Register Gift Set – There’s no need to stress out about finding the perfect wedding present with the Wedding Register Gift Set. The Regular Paring, Utility/Steak, Stubby Butcher, and Slicer knives make for a set that’s versatile and sure to bring joy long after the nuptials!

Six Serrated Steak Knives Gift Set – This set of six of our fabulous Serrated Steak Knives is great for those with a big family or who entertain lots of company.

Four Serrated Steak Knives Gift Set – These four Rada Serrated Steak Knives effortlessly cut meats and all kinds of foods!

The Starter Gift Set – Whatever your need, this Gift Set has something for you. There’s the stalwart Regular Paring, the lauded Tomato Slicer, the innovative Vegetable Peeler, the razor-sharp Super Parer, the useful 6” Bread Knife, the sleek Cook’s Knife, and the impressive Slicer. You name the food, there’s a knife for it!

Six Utility/Steak Knives Gift Set– This set of six Utility/Steak knives will come in handy whether you’re preparing a meal or eating one! Use them for meal preparation or to cut your favorite foods.

Party Gift Set– The Party Gift Set is your best bet for those who love hosting get-togethers and parties. It includes our sensationally unique Cheese Knife, perfect for slicing any for of cheese, as well as the Party Spreader, perfect for spreading condiments or serving cheeseballs.

Serving Gift Set– This set ensures that one can easily serve bars, cakes, cobblers, pies, and more! Included is the Mini Server, great for brownies and small desserts, and the Serrated Pie Server, which is unbeatable when serving the perfect slice of pie or cake.

Carving Gift Set – Holidays and special occasions warrant the Carving Gift Set! Included is the Carver/Boner Knife, ideal for slicing a succulent roast, Thanksgiving turkey, or Christmas ham, and the Carving Fork, which can hold meats in place or be used to flip them while cooking!

Pare & Peel Gift Set – The Pare & Peel Gift Set easily removes the skin from your favorite fruits and vegetables. There’s the Heavy Duty Paring, a razor-sharp knife with a thousand uses, and the Vegetable Peeler, which has a rotating blade that makes peel and skin removal a snap.

Creative Cuts Oak Block Set – This phenomenal set comes with a beautiful oak block that conveniently holds a fantastic array of knives. Included are the Slicer, the Carving Fork, the Tomato Slicer, the Utility/Steak, the Heavy Duty Paring, and the Granny Paring. It will be one of the most used features of any kitchen!

Gift Time Fillet Knife & Sharpener Gift Set – The outdoorsman in your life will love you for this superb set. Inside is Rada’s incomparable Fillet Knife with a handy leather scabbard for work on fish or game, as well the beloved Knife Sharpener, a simple but igneous tool that keeps any knife blade in perfect cutting condition.

All of Rada’s products, from cutlery to the gift sets, are proudly made in the USA! All Rada knives and utensils have a Lifetime Guarantee, so you can be certain that Rada is a gift that will last!

Another way to browse Rada Cutlery Gift Sets is by the types of knives in the set. For example, sets that include Steak Knives or gift sets that include bread knives. If you prefer to view gift sets according to the types of knives or utensils included, click here.

Watch this factory tour video to learn how the pride and care our workers put into Rada products makes them the best on the market!